Thursday, May 05, 2005

May 5th 2005

Hopefully on June 10th I will be filmed puppeteering for an upcoming BBC Drama about Elizabeth I.

A few weeks ago I was called by David Morris, a props buyer for the BBC. He originally wanted me to make some marionettes for the film but the brief then changed to shadow puppetry. The story is to be George and the Dragon. I have quoted for the job which will be one days filming in Chastleton House, as well as making the puppets, screen, frame and background.

I was hoping to get a call from the director (Cokey Giedroyc) today to discuss in more detail what is required as time is ticking along but I would imagine she has a lot to do at the moment as I believe that filming may have already begun.

I had plenty to do finishing the doors for Leyden house, hopefully I will fit at least one pair tomorrow


Shep said...

So when do we get to see the finished thingy on TV?

Tony said...

I'm told it's going to air Jan 2006.

More details as soon as I know them