Wednesday, May 18, 2005



Ann and I spent last weekend in Prague.
The best part by far is the Old Town, lined with historical and colourful architecture, and more churches than you can shake a stick at (should you want to try). The old town square also features an Astronomical Clock. The ornate clock shows the movement of the sun and the moon through zodiac signs and at every hour has a display which is of coursed watched by all the visiting tourists.

astronomical clock
I have to say I was a little dissappionted with the movement, expecting something more animated and exciting, but still worth a watch should you be there.

The 13th century Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) with its smoke-blackened statuary is today lined with musicians, sourvenir vendors and of course generally crowds of tourists. The most famous statue is the oldest, that of Jan Nepomuk, and Is said to give you good luck if you touch it.
The bridge offers a beautiful view of Prague, day and night.

On Saturday we saw a man cleverly manipulating a clown marionette to play the guitar.

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