Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Business for SALE

Haven't posted in a while. What have I been up to?
Well, working hard to pay the bills, waiting for payment from the BBC, trying to sort out website, done a couple of shows such as the weald wood fair.

I have realised however that I need to streamline my business as I spending too much time trying to promote different parts of the business. Marionettes are what I want to concentrate on.

I have already removed Boomerangs, Boardgames and Kites (still got a couple left in anyone's interested) from the website but still have plenty of sets of Bagogo.
As this is a great toy and I have the exclusive UK rights aswell as plenty of sets in stock I thought I might sell the lot as a going concern along with all the images I have and website and domain name.

I have it listed on Ebay to see if there's any interest, however If anyone I know wants to take it up then get in touch.

I still have a good stock of wood too so I may do a Rocking Horse promotion soon for Christmas to use it up.

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