Sunday, June 25, 2006

Level Up

Here are a few screenshots from the CBBC show Level Up. The presenters Sam and Mark were shown how to operate a marionette.

I supplied three marionettes for the programme.

Puppets on Level Up

Puppets on Level Up

Puppets on Level Up

As usual you can see larger versions over at Flickr if you click on them.

1 comment:

Créaturiste said...

I love your puppets!
They look awesome,even in such small pictures.
i'm am aprticularyl impressed with their visible articulatios, which look so sleek!

I'd love to see bigger pics of them, they all diserve to be seen!

I just wanted to drop by and say hi.
I just discovered your blog and shall keep reading it.

Mine (just started) is
It is also about puppetmaking.

In case you didn't know them, I reccomend the Altrego website, their carved marionnettes are inspiring too!