Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sat 28th October

For Cliff

I took the dogs for a walk on the South Downs, starting from the Jack and Jill Windmills and heading towards Ditchling Beacon.It was obvious from the start that the clouds weren't going to make for a fantastic shot, however after walking around the tracks for about an hour the sun started to set. As the sun began its descent so did the mist.

What could have been a fantastic sussex countryside sunset with possible views of Brighton and the sea turned into this:


And 10 mins later nearly back at Jack and Jill


Ok so do I win a prize for the worst sunset picture?

If not then I submit this one which was taken exactly one year ago just outside of Stowe in Vermont.

Sunset over Stowe

Ah thats more like it!!


ems said...

My sunset would give you a run for your money.

Tony said...

Ems, just checked yours out and I think you may be right, I'd rather see nothing at all than see Tescos

Tanya said...

Seems like there were loads of crummy sunsets. I was lucky and mine looks really magical.