Friday, January 19, 2007

Does anyone know who made these?

I was asked by a lady recently if I knew anything about the puppets pictured below. She acquired these puppets as part of an auction lot and would like to restore them.

I must admit I don't know who made them but they are certainly quite distingushed in character so I'm hoping someone out there may have some more info. You can see the pictures in more detail over at flickr if you click on them.

Lady full length (1)

Lady right hand close (4)

Man full length (1)

Man head side view (6)


John M. Blundall said...

Dear folks,

This type of puppet is from Myanmar (formally Burma)> not very old, many of those available now are made for a tourist market and not very practical. As far as restauration is concerned, it is difficult and may have to be completely stripped down and repainted with a special form of gesso etc. Better to leave them as they are. Are all the other figures similar?

John M. Blundall

Tony said...

Thanks John for the info.

Had a quick look at your site, very interesting, I'll have a good look round when i've got some more time.

Anonymous said...

guardate le foto delle marionette lupi... sono stupende! dei piccoli capolavori... foto marionette lupi ciao. luca