Monday, December 08, 2008

String Puppets for Christmas

Can't believe its that time again already. Orders for Christmas for overseas customers should be made in the next couple of days and UK customers shouldn't hang around either. See here for the current stock list ready to go.

New for this Christmas are this Pirate (pictured left) and also a Devil


Sandra Morris said...

I've only just discovered your blog and website. What a find!
I occasionally make very, very small marionettes (1/12th scale)so it's great to find a fellow enthusiast :-)

Tony said...

Excellent, would like to see some pictures, do you have any?

Sandra Morris said...

That would be great... thanks!
I'm working on a very tiny working marionette at the moment. When complete the tiny clown puppet will measure just over 1 1/2". There are of course limitations of scale, as these are intended to be 'operated' by 1/12th scale people.
The characters themslelves are cast in porcelain, then china painted and assembled. The mechanisms have to be very simple and straightforward. I'll post some photos on my blog when I finish the ones I'm working on :-)