Thursday, December 08, 2011

Joanna Wang - The Bug

A few months ago the lovely Joanna Wang contacted me about carving a wooden mask for a music video. I was very busy at the time so wasn't really able to fit it in, but Joanna kindly moved the shoot date so I could finish what I was doing.

It was an interesting job, I'm always a bit uneasy about carving portrait style as it can often be a tricky affair, however Joanna wanted a slight caricature quality to it so that helped. The mask of Nixon was carved from Lime wood.

You can see the video for the song here:

Also take the time to check out more of Joanna's music on her Channels:

And here:


Turtolic said...

Great backstory on the Nixon mask. Why limewood over other woods? Great mask, thanks for posting this. Joanna is a great talent, just wish they would promote her in the U.S. and Europe too. Have a great day ~Pete

Tony said...

Pete - thanks, Limewood is the best wood for carving I find and I had the pieces in the right sizes to get started straight away. I agree she is a talented girl.