Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Backgammon Table

A couple of months ago I received a commission from a young lady who wanted me to make a backgammon coffee table for her fiance as a wedding present.
I came up with this design:

backgammon table - original drawing
click the picture to see a bigger version at flickr

When we were both happy with the design she chose the colours for the points - two shades of red. I then made the table from Ash and it came out as follows:

Backgammon Coffee Table

Backgammon Coffee Table


Shep said...

I want one of!

Tony said...

Certainly sir what colours would you like?

Mai said...

That's certainly a gorgeous table - congratulations! Have you sold more of them?

The Backgammon Guide

Tony said...

Mai I have sold a couple more off the back of that commission.

Stefan said...

can you be more specific on how did you get those triangles so perfectly printed?
thanks..and how much do you charge for something like this?

Tony said...

They are handpainted but sometimes i use masking tape to get straight lines. I didn't want them to be perfect.
They are £399 for an Oak table

louis said...

could you tell me how you attached the legs to the table top? thanks

Tony said...


I usually use twist pegs in slots on the side rails

louis said...

thankyou... its a beautiful table btw