Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spam attack

Today this blog, who very few people read, was assaulted by a spam attack linking to a very dubious Asian website. I have removed all comments posted by this person and have now implemented comment moderation on older posts.

Also you will not be able to comment anonymously at the moment.

I do find it quite sad that some people have nothing better to do.


Sandra Morris said...

Sadly, blogs are something of a sitting target. I always moderate comments on's the only sure way to weed out unsavoury elements.

Martin said...

Hi Tony, sorry to hear about your recent attack. A good dose of Bill Gates should sort it.... Cheers, MWS

Ink & Mess said...

Agreed Sandra, always wise to moderate. Don't underestimate your number of readers Tony, this blog is ace, I bet there're loads of people who follow it.

Tony said...

I think a lot of people pass by.

Am still working on something for you to play with, should be ready soon