Friday, August 27, 2010

Dancing Mouse Marionette

Mouse Marionette


Approx 20 inches (50 cms) tall 


Jared said...

This marionette is incredible. The detail i've seen thusfar from other marionettes were not half as precise in thier appearance and articulation as this one. It appears as though its head and arms are made of wood. Is that the case? Either way, i'm impressed, as i've created a hobby site to try my hand at puppetry and greatly look up to artwork of this caliber. If your ever inclined, please visit my hobby site and let me know as a pro, how i'm doing, as opinions from artists like yourself would no doubt go a long way in guidance and inspiration. No doubt.

Tony said...

thanks and yes you are right the whole marionette is carved from wood although under the sleeves the top half of the arm is just a cord to allow a lot of movement for dancing (which is what it was commissioned for).
I've had a quick look at your site and I like the characters you've created and the puppets too. I'm not really an expert on the type of puppetry you are doing I tend to concentrate on marionettes and shadow puppetry (which is closer to animation I guess) so I'm not sure how much help I would be.
If you haven't found them already use the links to 'Puppet Vision' and 'Hellyers Puppet Workshop' to get ideas and tips for the hand/glove puppetry style.
I will keep an eye on your site with interest.