Monday, September 13, 2010

Tulipwood reminds me of Christmas

Ok, so I have neglected this blog of late, what have I been up to? well quite a bit which is why I haven't had much to say on the puppet front. I have been working for various different people/companies refurbishing a house, making furniture and working for a structure firm on various events including some tests for the upcoming 2012 olympics.

Anyway lets get this blog back on track, well sort of. I will endeavour to keep this updated with news and new designs and hopefully some info on my own projects.

Today i have been machining Tulipwood (Poplar) for a furniture commission (more details on this soon). Tulipwood, when cut or planed, has a very distinctive smell, slightly soapy although sharp at the same time its difficult to describe but its not unpleasant  and (to me) always recognisable. 

A few years ago, before I turned more of my attentions to marionettes I made Rocking Horses. Tulipwood is a hardwood (although ironically quite soft) and carves quite well, is non oily (so accepts paint finishes) and is available in large sections so it is a great wood for painted rocking horses. Making a nice Rocking Horse, like a marionette, is a labour intensive process and there is a lot of cutting, shaping and sanding with various tools before you get to the finished item. Consequently the workshop was always full of the smell of Poplar especially around Christmas time when most of my orders would be taken.

Today, with a light chill in the air it felt like Christmas time, thankfully its not just yet as there a few more things i need to do this year.

Although I make marionettes now I would still take commissions for Rocking Horses,, particularly  if they are something a bit out of the ordinary, maybe a detailed carousel style horse a dragon maybe, something really special.....I have my sketchbook to hand, lets make something unique....any takers?,

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